About Us

EXCELENTIA Translation and Interpretation Agency

EXCELENTIA Translation and Interpretation Agency has made a name for itself on the professional translation market ever since 2003, at the time being having over 15 years of experience in specialized translation. We made ourselves known on the translation market due to the values which define us and which are shared with conviction and promoted day by day by each member of our team: professional integrity, dedication and respect for the customer, his time and requests.
Our team consists of carefully recruited full-time employees, in-house translators for the main international languages, such as English, Italian, French, German, and Spanish, led by the wish of answering with the utmost promptitude to the most demanding requirements from the customers. The EXCELENTIA team is being completed by over 60 collaborators, translators and interpreters, specialized in various fields, many of them being native speakers.

Why us?

Because we make your life easier, we take care of complex procedures and we provide for you the entire logistical support and specialized advice in order to carry out any type of request with maximum efficiency and promptitude.
Because we meet your request with a tailored approach. We see the customer as a partner and together we can find the best solutions in order to solve each challenge, taking into account the time and cost parameters. Working with us always leads to a win-win outcome for the parties involved in the project.
Because we can answer to any of your questions in our field of expertise and we can provide you several options for solving them. We master all details of the procedures related to translation, endorsement, Apostillation, legalization or superlegalization of any type of document.
Because we are serious, available and flexible and we adjust to any request of each customer at a time.

The collaboration with EXCELENTIA TRANSLATION AND INTERPRETATION AGENCY delivered us the results we were expecting and even more.

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Iasi Airport

….I was only thinking about how lucky we were to work with people like you!

Ambitious, balanced, communicative, with an objective thinking, intransigent, perseverant, working under the clock, hundreds of pages translated and, in the end, an exceptional result: a financing request, a cost benefit analysis, a traffic study, a feasibility study, uniformity between  technical and economical terms that only EXCELENTIA TRANSLATION AND INTERPRETATION AGENCY could provide.

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Iasi County Council

BENROM SRL, member of the BENETTON Group, has been working with KORALVISION SRL for more than 5 years for translation and interpreting services.

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SC Benrom SRL